Visit of Norwegian Royalties in Chile revives citizen campaign against #salmonquimico

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Santiago, Chile, 21 th of March, 2019 (Ecoceanos News). In the light of the upcoming visit to Chile by the King and Queen of Norway, social organizations, coastal and indigenous communities and artisanal fishermen have revived the campaign «Salmón Químico Chileno Fuera de Nuestro Menú y del Mar» having as objectives to stop the territorial expansion of the salmon industry in Patagonia, to remove farmed salmon from restaurants and the diets of consumers and to demand that the government of Chile informs about the volumes and types of antibiotics, antiparasitics, coloring agents, antifungals and antifouling used by each active company between 2015-2018.

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway were invited by the Chilean government to commemorate 100 years of bilateral diplomatic relations at the end of March.

Harald V will present an inaugural speech at a seminar aimed at Chilean and Norwegian businessmen, where they will discuss the matters of further developing trade in salmon aquaculture, renewable energy and intelligent cities. As such, they will visit the Magallanes Region and the claimed Chilean Antarctic Territory.

The organizations supporting the campaign affirmed that: «20 years of destructive salmon industry expansion […] cannot threaten 100 years of good relations between the peoples of Norway and Chile.»

The campaign makes a public call to sign a petition for protecting the Patagonian Sea, and to not consume farmed Chilean salmon. Learn more: