Deaths of salmon industry workers in Chile continue

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Santiago, Oct, 13, (Ecoceanos News)– October 2019 was dyed blood again in the salmon industry in Chile, with two worker deaths in less than a week. On October 1st, the disappearance of a vessel crew member serving to Yadrán salmon company was recorded, and on Wednesday 9th, a diver died on a marine farm of Invermar company.

These two victims make the list of deceased workers in this transnational industry reach 50 people, according to updated statistics from Ecoceanos Centre, and which are part of the «Blood Salmon» report.

The diver deceased this week was identified as José Millán Levicoy (48 years old), a native of Dalcahue,Chiloé Island, south Chile.

Along with regretting the fact, Claudio Faundez, president of the National Union of Divers of Chile told that » the responsibility of everything that happens to the diver during his work is on the company, but also on the Navy that has to supervise these works and equipment. We believe that they can no longer turn a blind eye to the poor security conditions in salmon farms in southern Chile”.

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, director of Ecoceanos, said that «the death of diver José Millán Levicoy keeps showing tragically that the production of blood salmon from southern Chile continues with government authorities doing nothing.»

Chile is currently the country with the highest accident and death rate in the global salmon production and export industry. Due to its precarious working conditions, high levels of subcontracting, exploitation of its workers and the lack of state supervision and monitoring