Chilean and Mapuche organizations demand that Piñera not continue to preside COP25 and warn that he could be arrested for human rights cases

Jorge Baradit y Chile en la COP25: «Piñera corre el riesgo incluso de una orden de detención internacional por violaciones a los derechos humanos”
Piñera no va a COP25, pero envía a su ministra de Medio Ambiente y su política ecocida y criminal

“Countries that recognize themselves as democratic cannot allow a subject who does not have the capacity to give governance to a country in the COP presidency,” the organizations say.

Santiago de Chile, November 20th, 2019 (Ecoceanos News) – Chilean and Mapuche social organizations asked the organizers of the Climate Change Summit (COP 25) to revoke the role of Sebastián Piñera as president of this global meeting, due to the systematic human rights violations that have occurred in Chile for a month.

They also urged international courts and human rights judges globally to take steps to stop Piñera if he leaves Chile and especially if he travels to Spain to lead the Climate Summit. In Chile, the courts have already ordered to investigate a complaint related to crimes against humanity presented by Human Rights organizations against Piñera. And the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, among other organizations, have confirmed that there is a violation of human rights in Chile.

Based on this, Sergio Millaman, a lawyer and member of the Mapuche communication collective,, told that «the top officials of La Moneda were complicit, kept silent or covered up the police who killed Camilo Catrillanca. A year later, those same officials are responsible for the violation of Human Rights in Chile».

Millaman added that «the organizations that will participate in this summit in Spain and the governments must demand that Piñera not preside over the COP25. A person investigated by Chilean justice for human rights violations cannot lead an International Summit».

Meanwhile, María Jesus Martinez, spokeswoman for the Coordinator for the Defense of the Glaciers, said that «we believe that Piñera has no morals to lead any global process when State terrorism is still operating here.»

From the South, the representative of the Mapuche Parliament of Koz-Koz, Jorge Weke said that «The whole country of Chile must condemn the repressive acts that Piñera is executing as guardian of the businessmen. Countries that recognize themselves democratic cannot allow in the COP presidency to a subject who does not have the capacity to give governance to a country ”.

From the world of culture, Jorge Baradit, bestselling for his trilogy «The Secret History of Chile,» said that «Sebastián Piñera is incapacitated and delegitimized for any social activity anywhere in the world. Piñera risks even an international arrest warrant for human rights violations. ”

Likewise, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, from the Ecoceanos Centre, said that “the cancellation of APEC and COP25, which were to be held in Santiago, were the first victory of the awakening of the Chilean people, supported jointly by the international community, in order to to diplomatically isolate the repressive regime of Sebastián Piñera. ”

Chile in the middle of social protest and state bullets


The crimes verified by the different organizations, media, lawyers and national and foreign Human Rights organizations, the Chilean Medical Association, citizen organizations, and popular movements, are the following:
1. Homicides
2. Tortures and illegitimate physical, mental and sexual constraints
3. Sexual Abuses
4. Rapes
5. Arbitrary deprivation of liberty, in places not authorized for this purpose
6. Selective arrests of people, illegal detentions as a result of finding people in circumstances of civil disobedience, in curfew illegally decreed
7. Arrests from people´s homes
8. Deprivation of physical freedom, without attending to the delivery of information regarding the fate or whereabouts of detained persons
9. Mutilation, destruction of the eyeball of approximately 200 people, according to a statement from the Medical College.