Mapuche communities demand new Constitution and reject behavior of salmon industry in Chiloé

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Chiloé, NOv. 13, (Ecoceanos News)– Mapuche communities of Chiloé made a massive march in the city-port of Quellón to demand respect for the rights of the Original Peoples, support the Chilean social protest and joined the demand to generate a Constituent Assembly that culminates in the creation of a new Plurinational Constitution

In addition to this they rejected the behavior of the salmon industry whose businessmen have manipulated salmon workers and «to date they have not been able to offer real protection to Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth).»

The Mapuche communities also recalled the importance of the Treaty of Tantauco signed between Mapuche Williche communities and the nascent Chilean State in 1826. Now the territory of Tantauco was bought by Sebastián Piñera, which is put in context by historians and the communities of Chiloé.