28 de octubre de 2019

COP25 between military and human rights violations?

Ecoceanos Centre with various organizations and academics, asked governments to suspend their participation in the COP25 while in Chile militaries continue on the streets and the...
28 de octubre de 2019

Crisis in Chile: «Piñera looks like a salmon businessman, he promises but maintains the workers’ misery»

The unions added that what Piñera offers “are patch measures. They are giving us a candy, you don’t see big changes». They announce «a rise in...
28 de octubre de 2019

Piñera and Fisheries: Fishermen call to cancel the Fisheries Law that privatized fish

Is necessary “that the fishery resources belong to all Chileans, that the people have guaranteed the right to consume those resources.»
28 de octubre de 2019

October of deaths in the chilean salmon industry

«Companies want to work only with minimum security provisions. The authorities allow all this, now the Directemar (Navy) takes out a newsletter to continue reducing the...
14 de octubre de 2019

Chilean salmon industry unions report to U.S. government on labor precarious standards

 Ecoceanos Centre accompanied trade unionists who say that low working conditions would constitute labour and environmental dumping.
14 de octubre de 2019

Census of Sea Lions in Chile and the application of the US Marine Mammal Protection Act

The figures contradict the former undersecretary of fisheries, and leaders of artisanal fishing claims, that in 2018 denounced the existence of a “plague of sea lions”...
14 de octubre de 2019

Deaths of salmon industry workers in Chile continue

Santiago, Oct, 13, (Ecoceanos News)– October 2019 was dyed blood again in the salmon industry in Chile, with two worker deaths in less than a week....
14 de octubre de 2019

Ecoceanos affirms that salmon escape is a chronic problem and that both the Law and the industry do not have a solution

Among the main recent events are the escape of 700,000 salmon from a farming center of the Norwegian transnational Mowi / Marine Harvest in 2018 in...
4 de octubre de 2019

Escape de salmones: la crisis impune que no tiene solución de la industria ni de la ley

Mientras en naciones desarrolladas derechamente se termina con la concesión de empresas por fallas en los centros de cultivo, en Chile las compañías solo están obligadas...